A special skill is something your car can do in a race to give you an advantage.

There are up to three colors for each ability (gold, silver and bronze).

Each color has bonus percentage: gold is 20%, silver 15% and bronze 10%.

Only one of each ability color can be triggered in a single race, each one with an trigger probability. Bronze is triggered more often than silver, and silver more often than gold. Firing percentages are not clear.

Special Abilities listEdit

Symbol Explanation Cars
Brain Freeze A random opponent drives 10% slower on ALL roads Cie Ice Cream Truck
Mrk raw silv This car drives 15% faster on ASPHALT or HOT WHEELS tracks Plymouth Superbird
Mucho Muscle

This Car drives 10% faster on ASPHALT.

Chevy Camaro
Taco, Taco! A random opponent drives 10% slower in ALL roads. Cie Taco Truck
Mrk down s Half of your SPORTS Cars drive 15% faster while on DIRT Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
Mrk sabo silv ALL opponent's STREET cars drive 15% slower on ASPHALT DMC DeLorean
Mrk haul bronz A RANDOM car on your team drives 10% faster on its COUNTER TRACK Dodge Ram Power Wagon
One for the Team Half of your team drives 15% faster on ASPHALT and HOT WHEELS BMW Isetta 300