Level 1 Stats
DMC DeLorean TR1
DMC DeLorean

Buying Cost:

131 W7n Cash

Selling Price:

94.109 W7n Coin


201 W7n Power


10 W7n FuelRed


8,451 W7n Coin every 24 hrs.

Car Type:

Street W7n Street


Rare W7n Rare

Special Skill:

Mrk sabo silv

Dream Job:

W7n DreamJob Movie Set
W7n BusinessJob Entertainment

DMC DeLorean


  • The DMC DeLorean is best known for its appearance in the Back to the Future films.
  • The DMC DeLorean's default license plate is FOX, presumably in reference to Michael J. Fox, actor who played the main role in these movies.
  • The DMC DeLorean can be bought at the Car Showroom.
  • The DMC DeLorean can be found through Rusty Car Rescue at locations East Bay, Rocky Point and Old Town.
  • The fact this car cannot be painted is probably due to the fact that these weren't painted when these were built in real life.

Colors:Silver. This car is not paintable

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