Business pizza shop

Pizza Shop Business

Businesses keep your cars busy and earn you cash to boot. Whilst employed at a business, each car will earn a set amout of cash to a defined time period. There are different types of business and all businesses are listed below.

Car Town Streets Businesses
Name Type Cost Unlocked Image
Pizza Shop Food 6000
Business pizza shop
School Public Service 3000
Business school
Ski Patrol Recreation 10000
Business ski lodge
Police Station Public Service 45000
Business police station
Car Museum Entertainment 75000
Business car museum
Animal Hospital Public Service 125000 10
Business animal hospital
Chinese Restaurant Food 100000 11
Business chinese restaurant
Fire Station Public Service 125000 12
Business fire station
Movie Set Entertainment 500000 13
Business movie set
Beach Resort Recreation 250000 14
Business beach resort
Mexican Restaurant Food 350000 15
Business mexican restaurant
Safari Recreation 300000 16
Business safari
Army Base Public Service 500000 17
Business army base
Tofu Shop Food 175000 18
Business tofu
Ghostbusters Public Service 2000000 19
Business ghostbusters